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Vas is a county in Hungary in Western Transdanubia Hungarian region and it is a part of the Alpe-Adria Region. In German it is known as Eisenburg, in Slovenia Železna županija. It lies in western Hungary and shares border with Austria and Slovenia. Since 1991, when Slovenia became independent, Vas County, around Murska Sobota, also lies in Slovenia. The capital of Vas is Szombathely that was built on the ruins of Savaria, the ancient chair of the Roman Pannonia Superior province. Major towns are also Köszeg, Sárvár, Celldömölk and so on. Archaeologists have discovered buildings from the settlements around the Neolithic period in the village Sé. It offers renewable natural sources – the medicinal waters. The rivers, waters, forests, cycle paths and horse stables offer rest and recovery. The county is extremely rich in medicinal and thermal waters; the most popular are Borgáta and Bük.